Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Colleague Adriel Hampton Running for Congress!

Aside from the rather unusual pleasure of actually knowing someone that is running for Congress in the US (specifically California’s 10th Congressional District) it is nice to see a common man striving to make a difference in the world of politics.

Now as a South African resident why the hell should I be interested in what happens in California’s 10th Congressional District? The answer is very simple. I'm not. I can not vote there and am broadly unaffected by what happens there.

However I know Adriel to be a progressive thinker, he has a hell of an intellect, is a prodigious writer and all-round popular chap of ethics and integrity. Adriel is “the man on the street” “one of us” and an atypical politician. So am interested in his success in this matter. The last thing the world needs is another typical politician!

Aside from wanting a respected colleague to succeed in a field he seems made for, Adriel also highlights a point that irritates me beyond all belief when discussing politics with “the man on the street.”

I won't list the usual complaints as they are to many and varied for this blog but when listening to peoples gripes winges and moans about their government I always have to ask, “did you vote at the last election?” It amazes me how many did not and respond with some variation of “what’s the point!”

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain. You have absolutely no right to unless you have tried to do something about it. I respect Adriel in this respect in that he is taking the whole process one step further and making the effort that a lot of us are, to be honest, too lazy to make.

If I was able to vote for Adriel I would. If you can you should!